What do we do?

We are an injury prevention and movement company that helps employees move better and reduce pain by screening their movement patterns and providing corrective exercises to improve movement proficiency, which reduces the chance for injury within the work place.

How exactly do we do it?

We reduce the potential for injury by using a precise movement screen that measures an individual’s specific movement patterns from head to toe. The screen consists of seven movement tests that have been clinically researched as the best way to identify a persons weakest points, asymmetries and areas of the body that are most susceptible to injury. Each test is worth 3 points for a grand total of 21 points.

How would this help my business?

The FMS HS program would help your business by lowering employee injury rates, speeding up employee recovery time, improving the quality of life for your employees, reducing pain, and decreasing workers comp and sick days. Which would ultimately, save your business money and improve your production rate by having a healthier work force.

What separates FMS HS from other safety/stretching programs?

We are different from other health and safety organizations because we can pin point your exact weak points. Based on your movement patterns we can predict your most susceptible areas to injury, then give you a personalized corrective exercise program to strengthen those weak points. Our individualized screening, corrective programs, hands on education, and means of providing feedback and status reports separate us from every other safety program available.

Why do I need to do this program?

Accidents and injuries happen. By incorporating the FMS HS program we can better equip your business with a healthier workforce to reduce your chances of injuries and accidents happening while on the job. When you move better your body is in a more favorable position to handle the stress of work, unexpected incidents, and recover quicker from injury. As an employer this program enhances the safety of your employees, save you money on workers comp and allows you to get the most from your employees.

What are my benefits as an employee of doing this program?

With FMS HS we uncover compensations in your body that may have developed years ago from previous injuries. Even injuries nonrelated to your current occupation, our screen will identify any weak points and imbalances that could have developed throughout your life. This screen will give you a personalized corrective program to help fix any previous asymmetries and get your body to move in a more functional pattern to reduce pain and weak areas. Our goal is to not only help you within the workplace but outside of it as well. In doing our program we want to get you to move more efficiently so you can be active and pain free with your family or for other recreational activities.

What are some other services FMS HS offers?

We provide Quality Control (QC) visits to your locations to work hands on with your employees. We provide each employee with their own individual canvas bag that comes with several items of equipment that will allow each member of the workforce to do their correctives exercises. We provide flip charts for every employee and posters of all the corrective exercises and phases. We keep a privatized record of data analysis. We provide your employees with presentations and educational programing about functional movement and its benefits to their longevity and health. We also provide customized wellness programs, meal plans, and healthy eating choices around your location. On top of individual assessments, online video training for correctives, the screen, and personalized corrective programs.

Why is FMS HS great for determining new hires?

If you have two applicants who are equally qualified to work for your company, using the FMS program is an easy and helpful way to help your company make the best business decision. By screening both applicants and examining their movement patterns we can determine which employee is most readily available to complete the tasks required for their job. This screen highlights which employee moves better and identifies who will be able to complete tasks for a longer period of time with a lower chance of getting injured. This is great final determinant to choosing one employee over another.