FMS Health and Safety got started about 10 years ago (2007) conceptually, and, really, the sole focus of it was to bring the resources, the technology and the research that was available to pro athletes and movie stars to the blue color worker. The person who is out there everyday working hard and using their bodies - utility workers, construction workers, our armed forces, firefighters and really anyone else who uses their bodies as their main tool to generate income to provide for their families. We really wanted to give them something, a tool and a knowledge base, to protect themselves from the risks associated with a physically demanding profession.

Since then we have come to realize our system is effective for any person who wishes to move without pain. From the utility worker to the office professional, we all desire to move with confidence and efficiency for different reasons: recreational activities, playing with kids or grandkids, or just simply staying in shape.

To accomplish this we have built a team of healthcare professionals, athletic trainers, occupational athletes and performance specialists who have each brought their unique skills together to improve the quality of life for all the individuals we work with.