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Mission Statement

To create a culture of movement that helps people move better, reduce the potential of injury, and enables businesses to realize the full potential of their workforce.

To accomplish this we have built a team of healthcare professionals, athletic trainers, occupational athletes and performance specialists who have each brought their unique skills together to improve the quality of life for all the individuals we work with.

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Our Team

FMS Health and Safety’s staff is a growing team of health services professionals educated in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics, Physical Rehabilitation, and Personal Training. Our team is composed of a range of professionals, possessing a variety of multidisciplinary skills necessary to produce safe and effective health-related care. 

Mike Contreras, Founder & CEO of FMS Health and Safety


Mike Contreras has been a firefighter for twenty-nine years. During that time, he has held various positions including Firefighter Firefighter/Paramedic, Fire Captain, Fire Academy Coordinator and is currently a Division Chief. Also, he is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and an NWCG Safety Officer.

Mike has been a leader in the fire service with a continual passion for Human Performance. He has worked with fire departments, the US military, police departments and large utilities, to implement a movement-based solutions to reduce the risk of illness, injury, and worker’s compensation costs.

Mike’s extensive experience and education have led him to develop the FMS Health and Safety (FMS HS) program. Mike’s unique ability lies in taking a complex subject and providing a simple solution. The FMS HS program can be utilized in the everyday workplace and customized to fit any environment. The FMS HS system focuses on human performance, risk identification, and mitigation


Gray Cook the founder of Functional Movement Systems, a company that promotes the concept of movement pattern screening and assessment. He is practicing physical therapist, an orthopedic certified specialist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and an RKC kettlebell instructor. His work and ideas are at the forefront of fitness, conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation. You’ll find him lecturing on these topics several weekends each month, worldwide. Gray received his graduate physical therapy education at the University of Miami School of Medicine with a research focus on orthopedics and sports rehabilitation.

Gray Cook, FMS Founder


Lee Burton, FMS Co-Founder


FMS Co-Founder Dr. Lee Burton received his Bachelor Degree in Athletic Training from Appalachian State University and his Master Degree in Education with an emphasis in athletic training from Old Dominion University. Lee received his Doctorate Degree from Virginia Tech with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Wellness. He attained his Certification of Athletic Training through the NATA-BOC and his Certification of Strength and Conditioning through the NSCA. Additionally, Lee has authored book chapters and articles in a variety of sports medicine journals and produced instructional videos concerning functional applications for treatment, assessment and conditioning of active individuals. Lee consults with a wide variety of organizations and individuals including NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, military/government entities, as well as the Cooper and Mayo Clinics on injury prevention and performance enhancement.


Jon Torine’s vision is grounded in being able to impact and empower others so that they may grow into the best version of themselves. Whether in athletics, physical education or recreation he embraces the process of coaching, personal development, and systematic strategies.

Within the FMS Health and Safety Division, he supports the occupational and industrial athlete in applied corrective exercise, movement development and health and wellness so that they may feel less pain, move well and maximize safety and efficiency.

Jon’s professional career began with the Buffalo Bills in 1995 as assistant strength and conditioning coach. From there he moved on to Indianapolis where he was the head strength and conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998-2012, the youngest to be hired in that role. His responsibilities were many and are proud to have worked on a fully integrated team with a shared vision that culminated with a world championship in Super Bowl XLI.

Jon Torine, Director of Exercise Programming

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